Pie and Ice Cream Social

We will be serving pie and ice cream in the COOL basement of the Museum from 11 am – 3 pm on Saturday, August 12, 2017 during the Stroll Through the Park Craft Fair in Albion.   The Academy Museum and Sheepskin School will be open for tours.   Some of our volunteers will also be serving hamburgers and hot dogs from the park pavilion during the Craft Fair.  See you in Albion in August!


About aahs50

Edgerton, WI - Albion Academy founded in 1854 with 2 buildings and a 3rd building added in 1868. First co-educational academy in WI, allowing boys and girls to learn and recite together in the same classroom. Kumlien Hall, opened in 1969, is a 2-story replica of South Hall. This education followed the one-room country school, e.g. Sheepskin School. The school house was moved from State 59 west of Edgerton to the Albion campus in January, 1960.
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