Our Board members agreed to NOT have the Museum open at all this summer except for private tours.  Call the number given in the previous post.  We are planning a fund-raiser for August – the Pie and Ice Cream Social – to coincide with an Albion Tigers baseball game.  More to follow.

In the meantime we are looking at problem areas that can be better addressed when the Museum is closed:  baseboard heating inside and repair of the concrete entrance steps.  Both items will mean large outlays of funds.  If you can send donations now, we would be so grateful.  But we understand that COVID-19 means conserving your income for the near future.  Any contributions are appreciated.

Remember that we are registered on Amazon Smile, so you are contributing every time that you shop on Amazon.  THANK YOU!


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Edgerton, WI - Albion Academy founded in 1854 with 2 buildings and a 3rd building added in 1868. First co-educational academy in WI, allowing boys and girls to learn and recite together in the same classroom. Kumlien Hall, opened in 1969, is a 2-story replica of South Hall. This education followed the one-room country school, e.g. Sheepskin School. The school house was moved from State 59 west of Edgerton to the Albion campus in January, 1960.
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