The Campus Club was formed in 1907 as a study group of women in Albion.  Many of them had attended the Albion Academy.  This bronze plaque was unveiled during the first reunion of Albion Academy alumni. in 1927.   150 invitations were sent with 60 alumni able to attend  this Wednesday in June.  They formed a permanent organization which planned reunions for every summer after that into the 1940s.

This marker was erected by the newly-formed Historical Society and dedicated at the opening of the first floor of the 3-story Kumlien Hall Museum.  Five years later – after 22 of the 24 rooms were on exhibit to the public – a December fire destroyed the building and all its contents.   The Historical Society built a 2-story brick replica that houses the Albion Academy Museum today.  It opened to the public in 1969.

This marker honors Dr. A. B. Stout, an Albion Academy alumnus, who hybridized daylilies.  Ten of his original cultivars are flowering at the Museum in Albion.   His family home is in the 400 block of  Albion Road on the way to the Albion Academy Museum.


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Edgerton, WI - Albion Academy founded in 1854 with 2 buildings and a 3rd building added in 1868. First co-educational academy in WI, allowing boys and girls to learn and recite together in the same classroom. Kumlien Hall, opened in 1969, is a 2-story replica of South Hall. This education followed the one-room country school, e.g. Sheepskin School. The school house was moved from State 59 west of Edgerton to the Albion campus in January, 1960.
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